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Mixed Wrestling

We know mixed wrestling. We bring to you the very best for 16 years now and we continue to grow stronger than ever!

694 Full video downloads in our members' section with hundreds of the top wrestlers and sessionists in the world. Hungarians, British, Czechs, Americans, Russians, Israelis, Germans, Slovaks, Polish, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Canadians. We feature female wrestlers from 34 different nations that take part in our matches! We have shot in 10 different countries (USA, United Kingdom, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Israel, Bulgaria, Greece and Canada). Three continents, Europe, America, Asia. 16 years of shooting. Nobody else comes even close to that. Some have tried. They have all failed. Most of them are out of business but not us.

We know mixed wrestling. We know women who can demonstrate their athleticism on camera. They are not reserved. They are not timid to show their superior wrestling, grappling and fighting skills. They use their bodies. They put men in inescapable holds because they can. They know they are better and they prove it. They headscissor, bodyscissor, headlock, armbar, rear naked choke, shoolgirl pin, camel clutch, full nelson, sleeperhold, kimura, bow and arrow, bearhug, lotus (leg nelson), anaconda, leg choke, foot choke, foot smother, breast smother, face - sitting, cobra and romero (!) their male foes to submission. They are only satisfied when the men submit to them and they pose proudly over them with their bare soles on their broken bodies, or worse, on their battered faces, while they proudly flex their muscles! Some can fight dirty and go for the nuts, resorting to groin - grabbing to get what they want or stick a toe or more for their male opponents to suck. Well, they lost, what should they expect? They should take it like men and so should you! We shoot many different kind of matches ranging from 100% no nonsense and unscripted bouts to pure fantasy matches and everything in-between. We occasionally shoot matches where the guy emerges as the winner. What we never do, is false advertising. When we say that this is a competitive match, it is.

Our Wrestlers

From the USA:

Ariel X, Veve Lane, Frankie Z, Cheyenne Jewel, Jolene Hexx, Misty Anderson, Julie Squeeze, Penny Barber, Nikki Fierce, Morgan Del Ray, Andrea Rosu, Daisy Ducati, Skyler Rene, "Hot Stuff" Holly, Mistress Kara, Dia Zerva, Tyler Aria, Nikki Delano, Scarlett Devine, Darling, Savannah Foxx, Rapture, Malice, Austin Lynn, Ana Foxx, Mia Li, Randy Moore, JC Simpson, Serena Blair, Jennifer Thomas, Toned Tommi, Mahea, Sinn Sage, Goldie Blair, Sophia Fiore, Madison Young, Lucky O'Shea, Malice, Erika Jordan, Megan Abshire, Wenona, Dragonlilly, Sunshine, Izamar and many more!

From Hungary:

Dolly, Lenda, Barbie, Kim, Beatrix, Tia, Sheena, Orsi B, Kimbra, Antscha, Zsuzsa, Zara, Anita, Iron, Kim, Lana, Jenna, Minnie Manga, Mistress Mira, Natasha, Princess Nikkie, Abbie Cat, Melanie Memphis, Kyra, Aisa, Suzie, Asha, Kata and Zsofie, these are some of the fantastic wrestlers of Hungary featured in our site.

From Germany:

Ginger Ninja, Madame Curie, Iron Phoenix, Warrior Amazon, Zahra and some of the FightingStyle favorites such as Melina, Artemis and Leyla.

From the Czech Republic:

Milana (Zoe), Diana, Barbara "Buffy", Madame Virginia, Renata H, Suzanne, Zora, Sandra (Foxy), Roxy, Dana "The Redhead", Marketa, Katie, Iva, Silvie, Andy, Aneta, Anna, Lara, Artemis, Alkaia, Domitia, Inanna, Siberia, Nemesis, Daenerys "The Crushing Scissorette", "Tiny Terror" Cassandra, Scorpi, Trinity, Sabrina, Leona, Delphi, Lilith, Nica, Freya, Raella, Nessa, Elektra, Toxis, Cyra, Juno and Penelope.

From Israel:

Hope, Eve, Naomi, Ariela, Inessa, Dana, Sara, Natalia, Zoe, Kim, Summer, Irena, Zarina, Angie, Ivana, Nicole and Mistress Michal.

From Italy:

Bianca, Pamela Strong, Gaia.

From the United Kingdom:

We are the only video producer in the world to have succesfully cooperated with all four major London based teams of sessionists, Monica's Wrestling Centre, The Submission Room, Model Wrestling Management and Honey's London Wrestling Studio. We have also cooperated with a video producer in Wales to bring you exciting matches with Welsh Catfighters such as Princess Juicy and Polly!

Our UK household names include Sativa, Kaos, Scorpion, Venom, Blaze, Laken, Sable, Xena, Mystique, Luna, Athena, Morgana, Thunder, Pippa the Ripper, Meteor, Justice, Dutchess, Ms Kay O, Ivy, Desdemona, Inferno, Mysteria, Tyger, Adriana, Jet, Kathy G, Viper Max, Kat Max and Karmen.

From Bulgaria:

We have filmed excellent videos with Ina Black's amazing judo and sambo athletic team with herself of course, a world class sambo player and judoka as well as Jaki (Mixed Martial Arts), Gabi (Judo/Sambo), Graciela (Freestyle Wrestling), Lidiya (sessionist), Galya (Judo/Sambo), Demi (sessionist), The Amazon ( Mixed Martial Arts), Eli (Taekwondo), Stella (Judo/Grappling), Yana (Judo), Krasi (Fitness/Mixed Martial Arts), Gergana (Sambo) and Teddy (Judo).

From Russia:

Karina Gotika, Izida, Lilu, Helga and Yulia.

We should not forget Skystorm the Olympic gymnast from Romania, Zlata (Cherry Kiss) and Rage from Serbia, Neko, Lady Deadpool and Aiden from Canada, Rada Gold from Belarus, Aubrey Black from New Zealand, as well as "The Female Fight Machine" Jenny Sjödin and Lina from Sweden.

Our female wrestlers want an audience. They want you to watch them take down and force their male opponents to utter submission. They wrestle for the money, sure. They wrestle for themselves too, more than you know. You better believe it. But they also wrestle for you, the fans of mixed wrestling.

Join us today and enjoy hundreds of hours of spectacular mixed wrestling action! Join us today because our wrestlers want you to watch them. They are not shy. They beat men up for a living!


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We do not provide or cater for sessions at all. We never did and we never will. Please, do not ask us for personal information regarding any of the athletes/models/sessionists that work for us. We are never going to give that information to any of you under any circumstances. Full. Stop.

We strongly encourage sessions though, at a personal level, with some of the wonderful sessionists that participate in our videos. There is nothing more thrilling than meeting your favorite session wrestler and take her on in real life! The excitement, the anticipation, the memories! Good times!

Those who do offer sessions, usually advertise their services at


We rarely shoot custom videos. Very rarely indeed. We are usually very busy shooting content for our numerous sites and updating them. If you still desire a custom video from us, please write to us in detail about your idea and we see how it goes. We might have an open slot in one of our upcoming scheduled fillings with a wrestler you desire to see in a custom match. In any case, we would not take any custom work for less than $500. Absolutely no way. This is not negotiable.

Wrestle for us

If you have what it takes, write to us and join us for wrestling matches of all kinds!

Female or Male applicants

Minimum age 18, maximum age 40

Must be in good shape. Preferably athletic. Healthy. Presentable. Clean. Like squeaky clean

Experience is great but not absolutely necessary

Must be courteous, respectful, considerate and civil

Must be a team player and know how to follow instructions

Female athletes of ALL SPORTS are very much encouraged to write to us. Also adult workers, fetish models and dominas

Male applicants be aware of the following. This is not a free session service. Far from it. This is a paid job (every single man that has appeared in our videos has been handsomely paid for it and quite rightly so). We need to see the right attitude in your application. You must respect your female opponents. This is a given. We do not tolerate misogynists and men who have to prove something fighting women. If you're like that, take a hike

We currently seek applicants who live or can easily travel to the following countries:

Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. Rest of Europe and Russia, we can always talk travel expenses. US and UK, not at the monent, unless you travel to Central Europe but hey, we'll shoot in your part of the world again in the future!

Write to us with specific information about the above mentioned subjects and include two recent pictures

If you send to us this kind of email, you won't get an answer:

"Hey. How can i become a wrestling porn star?"

or this gem right here


I would like to participate ballbusting wrestling. May know features."

Well, you might get an answer, but you're definitely not gonna like it...


We encourage suggestions from our MEMBERS and ONLY from our members, past or present, that are reasonable. Specific holds, themes, places and of course wrestlers, we will do our best to accomodate. But, if you write to us that we should match up someone who lives in Canada with someone that comes from South Africa, please be prepared to pay for the travel expenses because we will not. If you use profanity or if you are vulgar, you will not enjoy our response too much, if you get one anyway.

If you say to us, please do some armwrestling at the beggining of the match or please have more intense victory poses or ask the ladies to do more headscissors or please shoot a Tarzan vs Jane themed bout, then sure! We would be happy to do it as long as we like the idea and we think it's good for our members!

I hope we'll see you in our members' section and that you will enjoy our sites!


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